SAP Security Solutions


In an era of increasing risk and vulnerability, one simple fact remains: a majority of security breaches come from within. If you are going public, or you are the new Chief Security Officer, you don’t want or need a security breach on your watch. But, having the experience and time to get security right often doesn’t happen with today’s thinner budgets and rapidly changing business strategies. WFT can help.

WFT Security Review: The WFT Security Review is a comprehensive 7-Point Review that will find your security vulnerabilities and leave you with improved ideas to ensure that you’re Audit Ready and Secure not just once, but on an ongoing basis. We look at rule definition, process execution, inspection and management against these provisions against 7 key fronts:

  • Segregation of Duty
  • Segregation of Access
  • Segregation of Maintenance
  • BI and Analytics Access and Control
  • Data Management Segregation and Rotation
  • Default Password Management
  • Control and Access to Software Maintenance

WFT Security Assurance Program: In addition to the 7-Point Review, WFT can join your security enforcement team by performing a monthly audit of process execution. We work closely with procurement, for contingent resources, with HR for employee status changes and with IT to audit access rights and scope of responsibility. Each month, we’ll produce a report highlighting opportunities to re-align rights and privileges. If you’re understaffed, don’t leave your SAP system vulnerable. Don’t let a breach occur from the inside on your watch.

Be audit ready and secure with WFT. We offer you the most current SAP Security experience as a Managed Service, giving you the guidance and expertise you require in order to protect your enterprise data, when you need it most. We combine best practices from SAP with the real world experience of managing tens of thousands of users across all industry segments for our clients. Our Security Consulting addresses the needs of your ongoing SAP Security administration. With our expert teams you can easily augment your internal staff or completely outsource the day-to-day tasks involved in creating and maintaining your SAP security roles and profiles.

Examples of the expertise in our service offering include:

  • Implementation of role authorizations
  • HR structural authorizations
  • Role creation and modifications
  • Authorization troubleshooting
  • Segregation of Duties mitigation and remediation
  • Compliance with SOX audits

Additional services:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) setup with LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Central User Administration (CUA) implementation
  • SAP Security training in ECC, BI, HR, and Enterprise Portals
  • Unit test templates
  • Security documentation

Security support specific to SAP BI environments