24x7 SAP Basis Monitoring Solution

Don't let your system coverage suffer at any time of the day or night.

WFT supports SAP Basis for organizations requiring 24X7X365 support coverage. Why risk burning the candle at both ends, or suffering service degradation at certain times of the day, when WFT experts will proactively monitor, alert, escalate, and administer your SAP systems at all times. Normal business hours, nights, weekends, and holidays. Your organization will receive real-time response with zero gaps in coverage, regardless what part of the world your systems or customers are located.

WFT is a certified SAP Partner offering a full suite of SAP Basis Monitoring solutions.

How well are your SAP systems being monitored? Are they being monitored? Well-managed systems rarely go down, if ever. SAP Best Practices for well managed systems includes proactive monitoring. Historically, Basis administrators are responsible for monitoring SAP systems to ensure they run optimally and unplanned production outages do not occur.

Basis monitoring means analyzing system health via T-codes, whether done by staff or software tools.

  • Do you create, deliver and manage reports on system health?
  • Are issues discovered through monitoring remediated, including resolution of their root cause?

We have a combined 100+ years of Basis experience, and are experts on the latest technology to provide actionable system health reports and alerts. This proprietary solution provides real-time SAP instance up-checks, backup checks, and system health via a customer-accessible dashboard. We can also monitor SAP hosts, portals, and databases.

SAP Basis Monitoring Solution

WFT delivers reliability, consistency and performance with 7x24 Monitoring for mission critical systems. Does your leadership team requires maximum uptime for your best-run business? As a CIO, IT Manager, or Basis Administrator, you are constantly seeking to improve the efficiency of your SAP teams and your daily system performance.

WFT will proactively monitor, alert, and escalate issues within your SAP System. Dependent on the established Service Level Agreements, issues can be resolved our SAP Basis professionals or your SAP Basis support staff.

SAP Basis Monitoring - Platinum Level Support

  • Customer Accessible Dashboard
  • SAP Instances Monitor
  • SAP Database Monitor
  • SAP Host Monitor
  • SAP Portal Access Monitoring
  • SAP Instance UP checks
  • SAP Backup checks
  • Checks the SAP on-line backups
  • Checked against backup schedule
  • SAP System Health Monitoring
  • SAP Process Monitors
  • 24x7 Alerting (Email & SMS)
  • Passive automated reporting
  • Faults are confirmed before alerting

Have additional needs? Want to make sure an extra set of eyes are on your system? Our Remote Basis Support offering has you covered. We also have additional monitoring capabilities including VM host, and custom CCMS monitoring.