AZURE Managed Services

Your business can get more done with the help of WFT’s Azure Managed Services. Our managed services make it easy to build and manage business-critical. Azure includes integrated tools and pre-built templates that support’s the widest selection of operating systems and frameworks. WFT’s IT experts will create a custom plan for each client to ensure maximum uptime and security at a cost they can manage. Take the weight off of your IT Department’s shoulders with WFT Azure Managed Services today.

Hybrid Cloud Solution


Choosing Azure for your business’ managed applications doesn’t mean you have to choose between using a data center or the cloud. Azure easily integrates with your existing IT environment with the largest network of secure connections, encryption features, and hybrid storage solutions so your data will always be accessible and secure. Many businesses are wary of moving to their applications to the cloud but with Azure they don’t have to be. Azure’s encryption features are the best available and stand up against rigorous privacy laws in the European Union and United States.

Managed Applications from Anywhere

With WFT Azure Managed Services you can run your business’ apps from anywhere. Azure runs on a network of Microsoft-managed data centers that span across the globe. Azure’s global reach gives customers a number of options for running their managed applications fast.

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Opportunities for Growth

Azure Managed Services are designed to quickly scale up or down to match the demand on your hosting environment. With this scalability WFT can help businesses of all sizes ensure they are ready for growth. Azure’s predictive analytics services allow for businesses to operate with the best business intelligence available. You can make smarter decisions to improve business operations and discover opportunities to grow.

Azure is built to handle everything from small internal projects to global launches. It’s a trusted cloud solution that more than half of Fortune 500 companies rely on to stay productive. WFT’s custom service level agreements offer the flexibility that our customers need in their cloud environments at a cost they can afford. Our secure data centers give customers easy access to the data they need.