Wharfedale Technologies offers

Zero Dollar Down Monthly Subscription Model

Wharfedale Technologies (WFT) will analyze organization’s cloud infrastructure needs; SAP software and data upgrade requirements, and regulatory compliances. We will help in choosing the right cloud provider and the deployment model (private, public and hybrid) that meets the business requirements. We will then invest in SAP data upgrade, migrate with minimal downtime, and manage the entire cloud for a monthly subscription.

The Need for a Zero Dollar Down Solution

Zero Dollar Down Solution

By 2025, SAP will support only HANA as a database for SAP applications and it expects all the customers to upgrade to HANA. Unfortunately it’s not only about upgrading SAP software, it’s about following industry regulations for SAP Cloud and upgrading SAP data to HANA.

To migrate to SAP Cloud and HANA, organizations should analyze and choose the right cloud deployment model; Public, Private, or Hybrid. Organizations then need to find the right SAP technology partner to setup the cloud, meet the pre-requisites for deploying SAP on cloud, and migrate with minimal downtime, while ensuring all industry requirements are met.

During this process, organizations should have a strong team of SAP experts on board to troubleshoot the process, manage the overall SAP transformation, and moving forward, manage the cloud.

Organizations should invest right from identifying the cloud environment, preparing migration plan, preparing SAP data, migrating, and then to managing the entire SAP transformation which will result in millions of upfront investment.

How Zero Dollar Down Works

With years of experience and strong partnerships with multiple Cloud service providers, WFT, introduced the Zero Dollar down Monthly Subscription Model for organizations to overcome their budgeting and resource challenges.

Monthly Subscription Model Includes

SAP Cloud Migration

Evaluate existing landscape and design the cloud infrastructure to meet business requirements. Assess the pre-requisites and develop migration strategy for minimal downtime.

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SAP High Availability

Eliminate Single Point of Failures by deploying highly available solutions that provide redundancy at the Central Services, Application server and Database server layers in cloud

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Protecting Our Clients SAP Investment and Ensuring Business Continuity is our DRaaS Goal. WFT will implement and manage disaster recovery solution across sites on behalf of our clients.

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Cloud Infrastructure Management

Wharfedale will manage the components of the cloud infrastructure that underpin the SAP landscape which include the cloud based compute…

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SAP Infrastructure Detailed Design and Infrastructure Setup

Within this package, Wharfedale will analyze your cloud infrastructure requirements including Cloud Design, Server & Storage Design…

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EHP Technical Upgrade or HANA Migration & Implementation

Organizations choose SAP S/4 HANA for their digital modernization across all channels using a new solution, in-memory database SAP HANA.

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High Value Consulting Executive Engagements

WFT will periodically engage Subject Matter Experts in various disciplines to review customers roadmap and provide guidance to achieve business value.

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