"The speed at which we were delivered a working SAP system was phenomenal, the response and technical expertise is unparalleled. It was a pleasant experience working with them and we wish we knew them earlier. I would definitely recommend them"

Jacob Chacko, IT, Belgium

"We were very glad to find out about the WFTCloud offering. For a small company, TCO controlling and technical admin of SAP systems always used to be an expensive undertaking. Setting up the right system on the right support package level for some specific customer project and limited time was nearly impossible. Now it's easy as pressing the button of a coffee maker !"

Wolfgang Krantz, Development Architect, SAP based A&D and DFPS Solutions

"In July 2012, we were looking for ways to kick start the development of an internal product without hampering another major SAP project at the United Nations. After evaluating several vendors we selected Wharfedale Technologies because of their quick understanding, transparent pricing, and competitiveness.

We started on day one with 1 SAP_ALL user, 2 developer keys, and 2 OSS user id's. We are using a dedicated machine to build REST web services with. The response times are fast and consistent. The machine is used both in the NYC and Bangkok timezone. Because of the 12 hour difference, there is no downtime allowed for this machine, and we have had no unplanned outages so far.

I can recommend working with WFT if you require a stand-alone SAP instance. "

SAP Development Consultant, United Nations

"Here at 'BC Biz Components Pte' are we grateful for the service WFT Cloud have provided in order to get our SAP ERP test instance up and running in record time, Thanks!"

Bo Gustavsson, CEO & Co-founder, BC Biz Components Pte, Ltd.