SAP HA & Disaster Recovery Services

You know your business, its areas of vulnerability, and ways to mitigate against loss; what we know is how to plan for continuity with SAP focused scenarios that are practical and affordable. Protect your SAP investment and ensure business continuity. Ensuring continuity of your business operations does not have to be expensive or worrisome. Disaster Recovery for SAP can be as simple as retaining a standby server at our data center, or as robust as having WFT replicate your Production database ensuring your Recovery Time Objective is met, with no data loss.

WFT High Availability & disaster recovery services for SAP include:

  • HA & DR plan creation
  • Implementation
  • Proactive, daily monitoring
  • Regular testing
  • HA & DR plan maintenance

WFT SAP HA & DR solutions can include:

  • Remote application support
  • 3rd party application services
  • Flexibility to scale up or down as requirements change

Take advantage of our investment in server, storage and network infrastructure and have a true disaster recovery plan. Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.