SAP Audit and Compliance

SAP audits and security should not be an afterthought in your ERP implementation. With increasing SOX audits and segregation of duties concerns, not to mention seemingly unending news alerts on corporate data compromised yet again, standards for financial transparency, trust, and corporate accountability and compliance are more critical than ever. We offer world-class SAP outsourcing services for hosting and managing your critical applications. Our clients are best-run businesses, and we have an extensive portfolio of SAP services for your best-run business.

Compliance is a moving target, and one size does not always fit all in auditing SAP systems. It takes significant effort to identify all the system risks associated with government mandates (SOX, HIPAA, etc.), complex SAP software, and rapidly changing business needs. Ensuring compliance doesn't have to be painful nor costly.

With our SAP Compliance Solutions, you can identify and remediate any and all risks quickly and affordably. In a short matter of minutes, we can run checks against 10,000+ pre-defined SAP rules to provide you an Executive Summary of Compliance. You will have a complete view of all the risks in your SAP environment. Our Custom Report will deliver the detailed instructions on how you and we can remediate these risks.

Whether you're an external auditor, internal auditor, or in charge of your firm's risk management, our solutions provide you with detailed risk reports, conflict identification all the way down to the transaction level, and step-by-step actions for remediation to achieve complete compliance.

Our Compliance solutions include:

  • Executive Summary Report On-Demand
  • A full Line-by-Line Risk and Remediation Analysis

Rapid Remediation Consulting Services by WFT Certified Compliance Consultants