Top Reasons Companies Choose Wharfedale DRaaS:

Meeting Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Wharfedale DRaaS is able to meet and exceed our client’s RTO and RPO. Our certified team, who specialize in various types of data replication software across cloud and on-premise environments, has successfully executed this process for all of our clients.

  • Wharfedale DRaaS FeaturesOn-Demand Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Wharfedale DRaaS FeaturesAvoid Capital Expenditure
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Wharfedale DRaaS

  • Wharfedale DRaaS FeaturesManage DR Environment
  • Wharfedale DRaaS FeaturesAffordable
Reason Wharfedale DRaaS

On Demand Disaster Recovery Testing

As per guideline and compliance, companies have to perform periodic DR testing; we help our clients perform DR testing in an affordable way.


Avoid Capital Expenditure

Without disaster recovery capability, organizations can face many challenges. We make it our mission to give our clients a cost-effective Disaster Recovery service to prevent major issues along the way.

Manage DR Environment

We will manage the disaster recovery environment, which includes, monitoring and replicating any configuration changes incurred in the source site to the disaster recovery site.


Our Disaster Recovery Service provides a solution to help organizations avoid Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) while keeping their Disaster Recovery solution in place.

Wharfedale (WFT) Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service solutions offer a holistic approach to business resiliency while protecting our Client's SAP Investment and Ensure Business Continuity.

Wharfedale – SAP Certified DR Provider,

offers Disaster Recovery as a Service for companies of all sizes. We implement and manage DR sites on behalf of our clients.

Provider Agnostic

Provider Agnostic

We are provider agnostic; we offer DRaaS solutions on Public (AWS, Azure, Google), Private or Hybrid Cloud. We are certified in all Public Cloud technologies and have a proprietary process to ensure that all the critical business processes are recoverable at the disaster recovery site, in case of a disaster.

Recovery Runbook
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Disaster Recovery Runbook

As part of the disaster recovery solution implementation process, we develop a customized Disaster Recovery (DR) runbook for customers who would then execute this plan in the event of a disaster.

We bring 20 years of IT recovery best practices and expertise to fully manage the recovery program..

Supporting Cloud Solutions

SAP Cloud Migration

Guide our client’s business through assess costs, benefits and risks that save our clients migration downtime and data lost.

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SAP High Availability

All components, services, resources, and compute instances, will be deployed as multiple instances to prevent any error from affecting availability

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SAP cloud Infrastructure

SAP customers not only demand that their infrastructure to handle baseline requirements, such as performance, scalability and recoverability

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Regulatory Compliance & Legacy systems

WFT Take responsibilities on following Regulatory compliance and document all the rules followed by its clients.

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