Fortune 500 companies choose to partner with Wharfedale to manage their legacy systems that are required for audit

Retain retired ERP systems for regulatory & compliance purpose, post merger and acquisition (M&A) or divestiture. Supporting major platforms (AIX, HP-UX, SOLARIS & INTEL) based Landscape.

For customers having legacy systems on older versions of UNIX operating system (AIX, HP or Solaris) there are few hosting options available that are cost effective, while meeting all compliance requirements. Wharfedale has custom solutions that allow migration of data from these legacy systems to the appropriate version of legacy UNIX hosts and provide maintenance.

Chart Regulatory Legacy
Chart Regulatory Legacy

Security practices to protect corporate data

When using public providers, customers may not be familiar with their shared responsibility model, which dictates who is responsible for the maintenance of specific parts of security of the legacy applications. It can be easy for customers to forget about what they need to do on an on-going basis. By partnering with Wharfedale, we take on the responsibility of continuous monitoring and operations, so you don’t have to worry. That enables you the freedom to focus on your business and build impactful solutions.

Legacy Systems

The major challenge organizations face during a Merger and Acquisition or divestiture is “IT INTEGRATION”. Making Legacy Systems speak to one another seamlessly comes with bigger responsibilities and challenges that requires years of experience.

Regulatory Compliance

At Wharfedale Technologies, we have executed a large number of Legacy system integrations and migrations while saving our clients millions. We make sure to move the legacy systems into the cloud, providing regulatory compliance services and get them off of your M&A or divestiture responsibility list.

Regulatory Compliance

Vendor Regulatory Compliances

Whether clients have regulatory compliance servers that are vendor supported or not, they choose to partner with us so they don’t have to worry about vendor issues, access, and upgrades. WFT provides the necessary security for any situation.

Key Features

Regulatory Compliance and Legacy Hosting:

Our services and support processes are Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) -aligned

  • We configure backup and replication for application and data resiliency
  • We do OS management, patching, and monitoring
  • We do capacity and utilization monitoring
  • We do Infrastructure log management
  • We support all Open systems
  • We provide dedicated site-to-site VPN connectivity
  • If client opts, we can do platform migration to reduce cost

Key Compliance Features

  • To meet compliances, we do advanced security and encryption
  • We provide dedicated compliance support
  • We create Installation Qualification (OQ) / Operational Qualification OQ documentation for approval process
  • To achieve minimum downtime during cloud migration we have multiple options for receiving data and uploading into cloud
  • We closely monitor user level access security to meet compliance standard requirements

How we do it

Host As Is

We migrate legacy systems seamlessly and host as it is within the Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google or Hybrid). WFT will meet every compliance requirement without utilizing clients resources to manage legacy applications; thereby, freeing them to concentrate on their critical business initiatives.

Host On A New Platform

We migrate legacy systems to a new platform to reduce licensing costs and enhance stability. WFT’s extensive experience in cross platform migration for ERP systems makes this solution a viable option.


WFT’s legacy system integration skills help bridge the gap between an organization’s past and their future. We balance the needs of the business by retaining these systems for audits while making sure they’re fully functional and operational.

Supporting Cloud Solutions

SAP Cloud Migration

Guide our client’s business through assess costs, benefits and risks that save our clients migration downtime and data lost.

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SAP High Availability

All components, services, resources, and compute instances, will be deployed as multiple instances to prevent any error from affecting availability

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SAP Cloud Infrastructure

SAP customers not only demand that their infrastructure to handle baseline requirements, such as performance, scalability and recoverability

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Protect Our Clients SAP Investment and Ensure Business Continuity is our DRaaS Goal. WFT implement and manage DR sites on behalf of our clients.

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