IT Divesture Services

IT Divestitures can be tricky - you want to have the right IT partner to ensure it is a successful transition. WFT includes the following elements of the Solution to Enable the End State:


WFT simplifies the divestiture process by providing a comprehensive view of the IT roadmap through our collaborative design process. We will help design your Transition Services Agreement, ensuring the project’s success by developing a solution to fit your budget, timeline and business goals. WFT will help create the pathway and guide you through the process. We will help analyze the current state of IT and provide a roadmap including a readiness assessment, prioritized recommendations, a well-defined approach, and an overall project plan.

Resource Planning

WFT will work with your team to ensure a complete understanding of the costs, time and effort required for each aspect of the change. We can also assist with staffing needs on a short and long term basis. Our 24x7x365 model will cover all of your IT needs.

Project Management and Governance

WFT Solutions provides a unique implementation methodology, customizable training, and highly technical post-implementation and steady state support, all backed by extensive application and industry experience. Working in conjunction with the Customer, WFT will help maximize the Transition Services Agreement and associated timeframes to best position the Customer’s post-transaction business.


Our Project Implementation specialists work with your internal implementation team, ensuring an efficient and successful implementation based on your requirements, budget, and project timeline.

End User Support

Your end user experience must be maintained and enhanced throughout the process. As part of the design and roadmap phase we focus on the end users and will define and document what is needed to enhance the end user experience.

Ongoing Management

We provide a ‘best practice’ solution and we leverage our extensive experience to provide standard operating procedures to maintain the solution going forward. We back our complete solution with world class 24x7x365 service level agreements.

Customer Stewardship

WFT’s engagement does not end post-implementation, we are invested in the long term health of your business and our partnership. We provide for Executive Management sessions where all aspects of the engagement are reviewed. This keeps us both focused on what is most important to you and your business.