Frequently Asked Questions

WFTCloud has pioneered the concept of providing online SAP access or remote SAP access at very affordable rates. We are a certified provider of low cost and affordable SAP in the Cloud systems & SAP on Cloud solutions.

What is WFTCloud?

WFTCloud is an initiative from Wharfedale Technologies, Inc to provide SAP access to customers on a pay per use model.

Do you offer Training too?

Yes. Please contact our training department at

I signed up and purchased subscription. What next?

You will receive an email with the instructions to log into your system. Please contact our support ( if you have issues logging into the system. Please make sure your firewall allows you with outbound and inbound access through the remote desktop.

What is the billing procedure?

You will be charged based on the type of subscription you have purchased and the payment option you have chosen (monthly, pre-pay or yearly). For example, if the monthly option is chosen, you will be charged monthly through the payment method you have set up.

I only want to use your system and I do not need to know or learn about cloud.

All you need to do is to register in WFT Cloud, select the subscription you require, and submit the order. You will then receive an email sent to your registered email with instructions which will guide you to access to your subscribed services.

What are the minimum requirements I need to access your SAP system?

You need a high speed internet connection (DSL or above), PC or MAC and supported level of browsers to access our SAP system.

Who is WFTUS?

WFTUS is a consulting organization and creator of WFT Cloud. With years of field experience, WFT Cloud has been developed to provide the needs of a user.

Can I get my organization's development landscape or test landscape on to WFTCloud?

Absolutely. However, you will need to speak to one of our technical experts who will ensure that there is a seamless transfer. Please contact our sales team on

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

If you have a monthly subscription, you will need to cancel it BEFORE the next payment date. In the event that you want to cancel, you can click on the CANCEL subscription link in your account under the ‘Subscribed Services’ tab and your service will be cancelled. Please note, emails sent to admin or support to cancel a subscription will NOT cancel your subscription. You are responsible for cancelling your own subscription to avoid being billed for the next month.

Do you perform automatic system refreshers and clean up data?

Yes, we do database system refresh for only Shared systems every 90 days.

Can I become your reseller?

Yes. Please contact for further information.

Can I practice SAP BASIS Administration & SAP Security?

Sure, SAP System administration activities can be performed only on the dedicated SAP systems

Why should I choose to use your subscription?

We are certified SAP Cloud Services & Hosting Partner. We have a strong team to provide support for most of your requirements. Our subscription charges are very competitive in the market. We provide you with access to your subscribed system in the least amount of time possible.

How is my credit card information secured?

We DO NOT save our customers credit card information. We store all information on or PayPal which is one of the biggest online secure payment gateway authenticating systems in the world. They secure information of millions and also use strong authentication methods.

Can I get credit if I cancel before the next payment date?

No. We do not refund any prorated charges as the subscription is monthly based. If you cancel before the next payment date, you will still have access to your system until the next payment date.

Can I move my entire DR to WFT Cloud?

Absolutely. Multiple clients have already moved their DR and third site to WFT Cloud. Please send an email to and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I am unable to cancel my subscription. What should I do?

We strive to enhance our website with new features and user friendliness. You may experience a delay in connection to certain features. If a delay occurs, please try again in 1 hour. You can also try to use a different browser to fix your problem. If you are still experiencing the same issue, contact support and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.

What should I do if my card is expiring?

To avoid interruption to your subscription, if your credit card is going to expire and you are aware, please log into your account and add the credit card with the valid expiration date by choosing the option of adding a new credit card. If you are not aware that your credit card is going to expire, you will receive a notice from our team stating that your credit card is going to expire for your purchased subscription, or you will receive a notice when payment failed because of an expired credit card. In such cases, log into your account and add the credit card with a valid expiration date by choosing the option of adding a new credit card.

What kind of SAP Systems can I maintain on WFT Cloud?

We support all SAP systems; however, we recommend that you work with our support team to ensure your SAP landscape is defined in a precise manner.

Can I use your system for Performance testing?

Definitely. We can scale up to your peak load and you can then make informed choices.

How does SAP systems work?

Once you purchase your desired SAP systems access, you will receive instructions to log into your system. For dedicated SAP system, the provisioning/build time is within 24 hours.

I have developed quite a bit of developer code and want to transfer it to your system. Can I do it?

Sure we can host SAP Development systems for you, Customer is responsible to bring their own SAP License.

I have received SAP system information; how do I connect?

SAP systems can be reached using SAP GUI Client. We request that you install SAP GUI Client on your Laptop/Desktop. If you do not have SAP GUI Client, you can download SAP GUI Client tools from the WFT Cloud download section using registered member account.

I have system connectivity issues, or user account locked?

Our SAP Basis operations support is 24/7, for all the technical support issues please send email to:

Do you have different rates for corporates and enterprises?

Our rates are highly competitive for corporate or enterprise needs. We work out separate packages based on Corporate or enterprises requirements. Please contact for further information.

Can we move Non Production SAP systems to WFT Cloud?

Definitely. There are many Non-Production & Production SAP System Landscapes running on WFT Cloud, all our SAP Cloud hosting customers have benefited from our experienced support team and the competitive pricing. Many of our customers have realized significant cost savings after migrating their Non Production and Production SAP systems to WFT Cloud. Our Hosting services includes the SAP Basis Support services.