Disaster Recovery as a Service (RaaS)

Traditional SAP Disaster Recovery

Organization deployed SAP to manage their business processes depends heavily on the availability of the SAP environment even in the event of a Disaster. The complexity and integration with other business systems make the design, implementation and maintenance of SAP disaster recovery solutions expensive and complex.

The Traditional SAP Disaster recovery solutions require customers to maintain dedicated hardware and resources as well as manage a complex recovery process. The customer also will also have to test these complex processes and procedures to validate the recovery plan time to time.


Disaster Recovery as a Service (RaaS) at WFT Cloud

WFT Cloud's SAP RaaS solution provides customers with a reliable, highly flexible, scalable, simple and predictable low cost Disaster Recovery Solution. WFT have decade of experience in designing and implementing SAP Disaster Recovery solutions. WFT also have proven track record in SAP Virtualization and Cloud infrastructure implementations.

WFT Cloud as a part of the contract will design, build and implement the DR Solution for the customer's SAP environment, also will manage the Disaster Recovery process in case of a disaster. Customer will have a fully Managed SAP DR solution and will only pay for a fraction of the Disaster Recovery charges compared to Traditional DR Solutions.


Benefits of RaaS at WFT Cloud

Predictable Costs Customer is always aware of the cost of the DR solution and recurring charges. WFT will estimate and communicate the cost of the solution to the customer at the beginning of the project, customer will be charged portion of the actual cost during regular operations and customer will be charged for the resources only during the real disaster scenario.

Pay-As-You-Use Model Customer will pay for the replication and storage during normal operations and only will be charged for resources during real disaster scenario.

No Upfront Hardware costs WFT Cloud will not charge customer for the hardware they don't use during normal operations, there is no upfront cost of the hardware, customer only pay for the resources what they use during normal operations and during DR.

No Hardware Maintenance Costs WFT cloud will not charge for maintenance of the DR hardware, we only charge for the resources customer use.

No Support Costs WFT Cloud offers the RaaS for customers as a fully managed service, there will be no additional cost for the SAP system support during testing and Disaster.

40-50 % Cheaper Than Legacy Solutions The Pay-As-You-Use model helps customers to reduce their DR costs by up to 50%

Highly Flexible The Cloud Infrastructure based DR solution provides customers with greater flexibility to change the underlying configuration in a short notice without affecting overall DR solution.

Highly Scalable The Cloud Infrastructure provides the customers flexibility to add and remove resources during disaster.

Less Complex WFT cloud based DR solutions are very intuitively designed with simplicity in mind while meeting customer RTO and RPO, WFT cloud also leverages on Open System Architecture.

On Demand DR Testing Flexible architecture to support on demand DR testing

WFT Cloud is a Certified SAP Hosting Partner as well as Cloud Services Partner. WFT leverages SAP best practices on operating SAP environments to deliver high-quality services in support of SAP solutions to their clients.

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