Case Study


The customer is a multinational company that offers solutions which integrate unified communications, AV presentation, lighting, environmental and HVAC systems. SAP is a key application for the customer.

The SAP software is used to run just about every aspect of their business. The landscape consists of ECC, BW, CRM, Portal and Solution Manager running on a Windows/SQL platform. As their business velocity accelerated, the customer began to look for a more cost-effective, scalable, and reliable way to run SAP and other applications. They maintained datacenters across USA, which they had virtualized using VMware software, but they did not want to continue pouring money into datacenter real estate, server farms, and infrastructure technicians.

As a fast-growing company in the control and automation business, the customer is constantly provisioning new IT infrastructure to support various business initiatives within the company. Purchasing, maintaining, powering, and cooling servers was expensive. Experts trained in SAP BASIS administration and infrastructure management were expensive. They felt that they could not sustain the rate of growth with such heavy IT infrastructure costs. They wanted to find a more agile way to deliver IT.

It was clear that there was only one way to tame the firm’s infrastructure problems, particularly as they related to SAP - move to the cloud.


WFT Cloud presented an end-to-end solution to the customer which involved evaluating their existing SAP landscapes for feasibility of migrating to WFT Cloud’s SAP Managed cloud, provide multiple cloud migration options, execute migration and provide SAP BASIS support. Eager to use WFT Cloud as soon as possible, the customer had created a copy of their development SAP environment in WFT Cloud, the initial data load into WFT Cloud was done using portable external drives and a site-to-site VPN tunnel was established to allow dedicated access from their network to the servers residing in WFT Cloud.


Reduced IT Cap-Ex and minimized TCO

Speedy SAP project delivery

Instant scalability by circumventing hardware barriers

Improved the availability of critical SAP systems

Reduced time-to-value from months to a couple of weeks which enabled the customer to respond to business needs much faster

Accelerated SAP rollouts from by-pass the lengthy in-house procurement process and hardware delivery to provisioning in cloud. This was a significant accelerator and business advantage for them.