Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the technology that allows IT consumers to use computing resources on demand. The main qualities of Cloud Computing are
  • Ubiquitous Computing- One can access the resources from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  • Elasticity - Computing resources can be scaled up or down on demand
  • Self or Rapid Provisioning - One can get resources added on demand
  • Services Approach - Any computing resource is available as a service on demand

WFT and Cloud Computing

WFT has been involved in implementing large scale disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for SAP systems and has stayed in the forefront of technologies used to sustain this. In early 2006 WFT started a program to explore the use of SAP Adaptive computing and this led to research in Cloud based technologies . Through 2008 and 2009 WFT has worked extensively to come up with innovative solutions on the cloud for its clients. From mid 2010, WFT has worked extensively with Amazon and SAP to bring SAP on to the Amazon platform and now WFT is able to provide this service to end users with backing from both SAP and Amazon.