SAP Systems for Small Business

A WFT Cloud Resource Guide


Due to the way SAP is structured there is an emphasis on multiple environments to be dedicated per roles for a successful SAP implementation. Due to this need, the cost of setting up environments, the time required to set it up, the licensing cost and the human resources required to do it, only large enterprises had been procuring SAP for their ERP needs. However with SAP changing its packaging, realigning its modularity across the various platforms, affordable and low cost SAP systems for Small business have become a reality.


With hosting centers picking up multiple clients over the last few years and enhancing their reliability from both the consumer and the vendor side of the house, a third party service provider cannot be overlooked anymore. With technology improving and costs reducing, in many a case cheap, low-cost, affordable SAP systems for small business are made available by going the hosting route. However for the non business user to train and learn SAP has always been a challenge as there is nothing like a cheap sap system, which provides legal online SAP Access.

Using cloud computing models, vendors like WFT are able to provide Low Cost and Affordable SAP Systems which are easily used by small businesses. Typically the SAP system for small businesses are extremely expensive. However with the ability to share the resources, a Cheap SAP system can be easily made available with legal SAP online access for the small businesses.

Cheap, low-cost, affordable SAP Systems are created using virtualization based technologies and with advancements in cloud computing, these models are able to provisioned across multiple businesses in record time intervals. Apart from Small Businesses, learning and development centers are in extensive need for legal SAP online access which have to be low cost SAP systems as otherwise their businesses would fail to meet targets as training and development processes are different radically from a customer who needs the SAP system for small businesses. Please contact WFTSALES to understand better how CLOUD SAP ERP can be utilized in your environment. WFT - a global provider of low cost and affordable SAP systems for small business - has been instrumental in developing many cloud sap erp modules or templates for various customer scenarios.