SAP Cloud - The Most Cost-Effective, On-Demand SAP Solutions

A WFT Cloud Resource Guide


To adapt to the continuously changing industrial environment, SAP ERP, with its industrial solutions, offers the best method to collaborate and operate businesses of any size efficiently. Thanks to the advancements in the software industry, we are now able to apply software virtualization. This in turn, has led to better utilization of the integral hardware. This is when SAP Cloud Computing comes into picture. The hosting of the services for an organization is based on the concept of SAP Cloud Computing. So these organizations basically use 'SAP Cloud' or web-based SAP services, in simpler terms.

Today SAP Cloud solutions are being rapidly adopted by organizations across industry segments. This is simply because SAP Cloud solutions are the most cost-effective, on-demand SAP solutions.


  • On demand services - the provisioning of systems for both individual users and business needs can be carried out on-demand. SAP Cloud ensures the same.
  • Elasticity - depending on the requirements of the organization, SAP Cloud services can be scaled up or down.
  • Ubiquitous services - SAP Cloud Computing services can be purchased from anywhere across the world regardless of the type of industry and its size.
  • Most important of all, the SAP Cloud Computing services offered by SAP hosting providers are reliable, secure and convenient to use.

For a common person to understand, in any SAP Cloud Computing environment, one does not have to worry where the systems are hosted. They can forget about wielding the systems. This means, in any SAP Cloud Computing environment, the entire maintenance is taken care by the company that hosts these systems. These are the SAP hosting providers. The SAP Cloud Computing solutions provider delivers the services using the cloud computing systems owned by them. The customers are metered by use by these SAP Cloud Computing service providers. Wharfedale Technologies (WFT) is one such renowned and SAP certified cloud hosting provider.

Since the SAP Cloud Computing services are delivered by web-based means, the licensing costs, storage, maintenance, hardware are shrunken to a large extent. This way, organizations that use this SAP Cloud Computing technology benefit a great deal. More so, when companies want to implement SAP HANA, one of the latest technological innovations which caters to providing solutions for Big Data challenges, huge investments are required. Using WFT SAP Cloud Computing Solutions serves as a boon here.

The general idea behind SAP Cloud is that the data is permanently laid inside the servers on the cloud and is cached temporarily as and when called for.



With our SAP Cloud Computing solutions & services, the customers have the advantage of using one of the basic three delivery models:
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - This offers an application such as an ERP, over a network.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Here, an entire platform with all its necessary constitutional services are provided over a network.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - This is a service offering that provides both hardware and software components over the cloud wherein the customer has control over the operating systems, storage and some networking components that the other two models does not provide.


The customer can also choose from a Private cloud, wherein the entire cloud infrastructure is completely purchased (or leased) and utilized by a single organization or a Public cloud, where the cloud services are shared by a group of industries. Community cloud and hybrid clouds are also being used.


Virtual storage, reduced labor and infrastructural costs, reduced storage costs, flexibility, accelerated business, etc; - with such oodles of benefits from this hyper-virtualized SAP Cloud Computing solution, isn't it time for us all to switch over to SAP Cloud Computing?


An understanding of what cloud computing is meant to achieve can kick-start the reality of Cloud Computing for SAP applications. Over the recent years, it has been observed that a company's ability to quickly adapt to changing demands is hindered by complex and inflexible IT environments. This is primarily due to the expanding functional scope of SAP products and increasing interconnection of business processes. Cloud Computing offers the solution to this challenge through SAP Cloud solutions & services.

With cloud computing, on demand applications & computing power and a dynamic infrastructure can be readily made available. Virtualization, along with standardization and automation are used to achieve a highly optimized solution which offers more with less. A company's business activities can be made more agile and responsive, along with reducing IT infrastructure complexity and costs through improved optimization of workload, with Cloud Computing and especially with SAP Cloud Computing solutions & services.

Cloud applications such as SAP Cloud Computing solutions & services are located and managed remotely, sometimes on a completely different geographic location, and built with a single code-base customized to the needs of the company, unlike traditional on-premise software applications. Also, with Cloud applications such as SAP Cloud Computing solutions it is the cloud provider and not the customer that is responsible for the maintenance, operations and bandwidth of the hardware/software that is being provided on the cloud. The greatest advantage however is that, Cloud applications such as SAP Cloud Computing solutions, can be accessed through web browsers, providing scalability and agility to customers.


With SAP Cloud deployments, location planning and capacity are no longer in the hands of the customer. Instead, they are the responsibility of the WFT Cloud, when you opt for our best-of-breed SAP Cloud Computing solutions. This enables companies to respond quickly to business changes that may arise as predicted or unexpectedly, because operations are handled no longer by the company itself but by WFT Cloud. When you opt for our best-of-breed SAP Cloud Computing solutions, Software updates, patches and renewals are also taken care of by WFT Cloud. This may occur several times a year at no cost to the customer. Because the customer's applications are hosted on our Cloud, this ensures that the user interface remains modern and up-to-date with the demands of the customer's business.


The fear of sacrificing data security is one of the top concerns of cloud sceptics, and more so with SAP Cloud Computing, when allowing company data to exist outside of their firewall. According to SuccessFactors, security is actually increased when using cloud solutions because, in addition to the regular security audits, cloud providers must adhere to strict ISO security standards. Lost laptops with confidential data and hacking threats are no longer a worry with your data being stored safely on the cloud. Another major advantage of hosing your SAP solutions on the cloud is that, the time to value with cloud solutions is significantly lower than with in-house or on-premise applications. With SAP Cloud Computing solutions, not only is the overall implementation time reduced, but the IT and infrastructure resources required to implement cloud solutions are also lowered.


One of the biggest advantages with hosting your SAP solutions on WFT Cloud is the pay-as-you-go, subscription-based cost structure because of which, SAP Cloud services require a lower initial investment and usually much lower overall costs than internal on-premise implementations. In addition, SAP on cloud solutions provide an "easy opt-out" if for any reason, the customer is dissatisfied with the product. Increased strategic agility, quicker deployment times, lower business risk and lower costs - the advantages of SAP cloud computing are many. Yet, companies still struggle with the decision to purchase cloud solutions and therefore, miss out on a huge business opportunity.