SAP Cloud High Availability

Prevent any error from affecting availability

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With a team of senior certified SAP cloud professionals who have implemented solutions for clients of all sizes across industries , we understand the importance of high availability with our unique cloud design solution.

Protecting All SPOFs(Single Point Of Failure)

All components, services, resources, and compute instances, will be redundantly deployed to prevent any failure from affecting availability.

Our SAP cloud team has provided solutions for the following industries: medical device, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, healthcare and life sciences. We understand how to protect all business SPOFs.

Protecting all Spofs

Protecting the ASCS and SCS

ABAP SAP Central Services and SAP Central Services are vital components of SAP High Availability; structuring these components is a very critical process.

Azure does not support shared disks and Floating (Virtual) IP address, so we enable them by using internal load balancer(s).We gained extensive knowledge with products like SIOS which allows us to plan for shared storage in cloud which is required for Cluster Software.

Prevent Outages During Azure Planned Maintenance

All data centers require maintenance but the question is, how are we are going to prepare Cloud environment for business continuity?

Enabling the right design for availability sets within Azure is an important component; Our experts are highly skilled and with our advance process we will help our client’s to select right Azure design for high availability.

Protecting File Servers

Typically, cloud providers build redundancy into all levels of their infrastructure. However, redundancy alone cannot be enough to protect against an outage.

Protecting File Servers

Local component failures, WAN outages,or cloud provider outages can cause data to be unavailable. We develop and implement an advance structure that includes share of transport directory;

Protecting SAP Application Servers and Web Dispatchers

Availability sets need personalized configuration to provide high availability and protection.

SAP Application servers are protected by placing them into availability sets, in addition to the optimal design of the underlying update and fault domains. The web dispatchers will be placed into their own availability set with an Azure load balancer distributing the load across the web dispatchers.

Rolling Upgrades

Rolling Upgrades and Patching

Upgrades and Patches are what will protect from a new threat and help to get high performance. However, SAP Cloud infrastructure will need to be prepared for easy rolling and patching without interrupting business functions.

By updating more frequently without business function interruptions, our clients don’t have to wait for a specific timed period, allowing their organization to get better at the process of responding to change. We always prepare our client’s SAP Cloud environment for upgrades and patching.

Enabling Database for High Availability

All the databases have their own configuration for High Availability, SQL Availability Group, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), and HANA. Redundancy, including: hardware redundancy, network redundancy, and data center redundancy, is all required to achieve high availability.

SAP Cloud High Availability Best Practices

Our Managed Services have invested many hours in preparing best practices for our client’s solutions. Utilizing our best practice expertise and implementing the process is very important in achieving high availability.

100+ Successful Migrations

We have an advance best practice implementation process that is built around hundreds of successful migrations.

SAP Cloud High Availability Best Practices

Certified Professionals

Our certified cloud professionals will guarantee continuous availability of your mission critical applications.

Supporting Cloud Solutions

SAP Cloud Migration

Guide our client’s business through assess costs, benefits and risks that save our clients migration downtime and data lost.

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Protect Our Clients SAP Investment and Ensure Business Continuity is our DRaaS Goal. WFT implement and manage DR sites on behalf of our clients.

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SAP cloud Infrastructure

SAP customers not only demand that their infrastructure to handle baseline requirements, such as performance, scalability and recoverability

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Regulatory Compliance & Legacy systems

WFT Take responsibilities on following Regulatory compliance and document all the rules followed by its clients.

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