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Moore's law has led to several technological advancements. However with software unable to catch up with hardware, most of the advancements has been extremely minimalistic. However with software advancements like virtualization proving to be the best thing in IT infrastructure management, the chance to utilize the underlying hardware has been better than before. This has lead to better infrastructure utilization, lower power and utility consumption and more importantly on demand computing called as cloud computing. By extending these Cloud support to SAP, the concept of SAP Cloud Computing is obtained. One should understand at this point that Cloud Computing also involves other parameters like Utility concept and Elasticity among other parameters.

There are a significant number of SAP hosting providers in the market. However not all of these providers provide SAP Cloud Services, SAP on the Cloud solutions & SAP Cloud computing systesm. The concept of Cloud SAP computing needs to integrate the features that define cloud computing, like self provisioning, utility computing, ubiquitous computing and most importantly elasticity which is critical to cloud environments.

SAP Cloud Computing Solutions / SAP on Cloud Services

WFT Cloud offers currently 2 diverse SAP Cloud computing solutions. The first SAP on Cloud solution is for individual users and provides through SAP Cloud services provided through a shared user model. This is useful for individual training, learning and students interested in learning SAP. Through our WFTCloud platform we provide legal SAP IDES Access and charge per month if registered on our website. This is the lowest price available across the world today at phenomenal speeds.

The second SAP Cloud Computing Solution is more for a business based access and offers dedicated SAP clients and dedicated SAP servers. This allows the customer the flexibility to integrate their current SAP systems into the cloud platform and avail the benefits of SAP Cloud computing. The concept of Private Cloud is currently providing a stable, flexible, elastic and ubiquitous computing model for SAP systems.

Many a customer are choosing their own SAP private Cloud as a first step towards their SAP Cloud computing model. With this SAP on Cloud Computing model, the traditional SAP implementation is still at the customer premises however, the customer employs a cloud based model to avail the benefits of Cloud Computing to get a SAP on Cloud model.

The advantages of such a SAP on the Cloud model is that the installation is still in the customer's datacenter rather than a Cloud SAP Hosting Center which assists in a reduced external network bandwidth. Also current existing operating level agreements (OLAs) are tuned to provide similar and better services to the business users thus eliminating the need for complex service level agreements with external SAP Cloud computing services vendor.

SAP Cloud Computing Solutions & Services - Basket of Benefits

"SAP Cloud Computing solutions provide high scalability SAP on cloud computing solutions & services help your organization reduce costs and accelerate the business to a great extent. SAP on cloud computing solutions & services provide greater mobility and accessibility from anywhere thereby empowering employee's strength. As the IT grows the complexity of the maintenance of the data center increases and expenses pertaining to the maintenance also increases, SAP on cloud computing solutions & services can eliminate all such cost involved and simultaneously increase the CAPEX by lowering OPEX. SAP Cloud Computing extends the existing setting to explain new levels of swiftness and performance of the business. With our best-of-breed SAP on cloud computing solutions & services, Business IT leaders have the flexibility to modernize and adapt processes quickly and easily to generate new value or cut costs, with less interruption.

SAP cloud computing services aims at leveraging high performance cloud, hosted, and on-premise technology. Looking at the growing IT complexities in the market of enterprise software, SAP on cloud will be the final step and sooner or later everything will be on cloud"

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