The Importance of SAP Cloud Infrastructure

SAP customers not only demand that their infrastructure be able to handle baseline requirements, such as performance, scalability and recoverability, but also to handle sudden spikes in workload.

Being a mission critical application, SAP requires the underlying cloud infrastructure to be resilient, scalable, elastic and highly available. Proper design of this infrastructure is essential to reap the benefits of moving SAP to Cloud.

Our Goal is

To provide a cost effective cloud infrastructure which meets business requirements

SAP Infrastructure Detailed Design and Infrastructure Setup

Wharfedale Technologies (WFT) will analyze your cloud infrastructure requirements including:

  • Cloud Design
  • Server and Storage Design
  • Networking Design (VPN Tunnel to Primary & DR)
  • SAP System Refresh in cloud
  • SAP Database Design (Both SQL & HANA)

Based on these designs, we will provision resources in Public (Azure, AWS, or Google), Private, or Hybrid Cloud setup for this solution.

Client Benefits:

  • No upfront cost for SAP Infrastructure Detailed Design

We consider several factors including, SAPS requirements, IOPS requirements,supportability of instance types by SAP, bandwidth requirements, security requirements, load balancer requirements and many more. WFT understands the complexity of the SAP Application Landscapes. This is why each solution is tested and verified to work in conjunction with the application. Our in-house engineers, DBA’s, and Net-Weaver Administrators combine the best of each discipline to achieve the optimal solutions.

Wharfedale SAP Cloud Infrastructure

We Analyze, Plan, Design & Deploy Your Cloud Infrastructure

Analyze Plan Design Deploy

SAP Database

Database is the backbone of any application. Following SAP and Azure best practices is important in selecting a cloud infrastructure. This could be SQL, Oracle, HANA, or other database solutions.

Identifying the appropriate cloud infrastructure for your workload will determine your success. With years of experience, Wharfedale has successfully migrated 65 plus fortune 500 companies to cloud including the scenarios where OSDB migration needed to be performed as part of the migration. That’s one reason why organizations have chosen to partner with Wharfedale.

SAP Database

Deploying Security for SAP Environment

Identifying the right security infrastructure is an important component of cloud migration. This process will directly reflect the organization’s policies and governance.

We have developed several key methodologies when selecting and deploying tools for cloud security. These include: Internal and External facing Firewall rules, network security groups and Access Control Lists (rule sets) between environments, selecting tools available within Azure for Intrusion Detection, Antivirus, etc, enabling regular scan for systems to identify vulnerabilities, and enabling monitoring for network traffic and log analytics.

Networking options

We work with the customer to analyse the application requirement and then propose the appropriate network connectivity option to the resources in cloud.

Some of the network design considerations include:

  • Access from the outside, directly to the VMs via Windows Terminal Services; or
  • Access to services and specific ports used by applications within the VMs; or
  • Internal Communication and Name Resolution between a group of VMs
  • Cross-Premises Connectivity between a customer’s on-premises network and the cloud network
  • Cross Region or Datacenter Connectivity between sites in the cloud

Best Practices for SAP on Azure

We follow best practices to identify specific Azure instances, allocating the appropriate storage based on workload (Standard and Premium disks selection), controlling network traffic between production and non-production environment.

SAP Practice

Saved upto


in Azure cloud infrastructure cost

Increased by


over all cloud performance

SAP Monitoring

Monitoring of SAP applications running in cloud is vital to maintain the SLA’s and KPI’s

A critical component of our solution involves monitoring, which provides the configuration and performance data of the underlying cloud infrastructure to the SAP application. This capability enables us to pin point the root cause of issues.

Supporting Cloud Solutions

SAP Cloud Migration

Guide our client’s business through assess costs, benefits and risks that save our clients migration downtime and data lost.

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SAP High Availability

All components, services, resources, and compute instances, will be deployed as multiple instances to prevent any error from affecting availability

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Protect Our Clients SAP Investment and Ensure Business Continuity is our DRaaS Goal. WFT implement and manage DR sites on behalf of our clients.

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Regulatory Compliance & Legacy systems

WFT Take responsibilities on following Regulatory compliance and document all the rules followed by its clients.

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