Cloud ERP Software Solution

A WFT Cloud Resource Guide


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has been present for the last few decades helping companies solve their complex business integration issues with software issues. As any IT integrator or manager who has worked on ERP will testify, these software are extremely heavy and consume a large amount of computing resources and at the same time there is no guarantee that the amount of hardware infrastructure can indeed be enough to sustain the requirements.

One way of solving this problem is to move the ERP solution to a ERP on Cloud solution. The ERP solution on Cloud can avail the underlying cloud computing technologies, and the resultant infrastructure expense and utilization can thus be either reduced or rationalized and shared among other software solutions. Typically moving the ERP software on Cloud to enable a Cloud ERP should be attempted with support from both the ERP software vendor and the cloud vendor.

The ERP system on Cloud would work as a traditional ERP for the end user. However the underlying cloud technologies, would enhance the infrastructure teams to utilize the hardware resources to an extent unimagined before as the same hardware could technically be used for different software solutions in the enterprise during different times of the year or even during different times of the day if rightly configured.

New architectures like private cloud computing models and even public and hybrid models are able to support the ERP on the Cloud. Of recent past, ERP in the Cloud has moved beyond proof of concepts and into actual production models. New technologies like the EMC, VMWARE, CISCO consortium of Vblock assists in deploying ERP software on Cloud.

Some of the benefits of deploying ERP on the Cloud are the growth of small and medium sized vendors who can provide the solution for a large set of users that could have perhaps never afforded a traditional ERP solution before. This is achieved by developing a large base of templates that can be easily configured, implemented and utilized on demand.

WFT Cloud offers preconfigured SAP ERP on the Cloud. The templates can be configured in less than an hour and a new system can be configured for a set of users in less than 10 minutes. Multiple organizations currently are experimenting their test, development, QA and other non production SAP environments by moving into a private cloud. This basically is a ERP on the Cloud system and customers are already viewing reduced costs based on the utility model and are also able to reuse infrastructure pools for other software in the datacenter. A few other customers are currently experimenting by having a DR site on the ERP Cloud for their traditional ERP installation.